Creating table games from Ireland (Creant jocs de taula irlandesos)

During the project Ireland with the students of 4th and 5th we learnt how to play at two traditional table games from this country. The games are called: Table Quoits and Irish Brandubh. In a DIN A-3 sheet each student created the board with the rules of both games, using both sides of the card.

Table Quoits is still played in many Irish pubs around the world. The goal of the game is to throw small round pieces on a board with three concentric circles, and try to lie the pieces as close as possible to the middle of the inner circle. Each student created an adapted version of the game with different scores.

Brandubh has been played in Ireland at least thousand years ago. It is a game with a board similar to chess where two players try to capture the pieces of the other. Each player has got a different aim in the game. The white player wins by moving the king piece (a red piece) to any corner square and the black player wins by capturing the king.

All the students learn to play at both games. We had a lot of fun!







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