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  1. Iker Rodriguez Aroca

    I still remember when I had to do this. It’s been almost 6 years! You never know what has life reserved for you. I am writing this form Canada 😂 I hope you all can be whatever you want to be! Lots of love!

    1. admin Autor de l'article

      Ooooh! Iker!!! It has become a classic!!! How’s it going? R u enjoying your time over there? Too cold? What about highschool? Tell us all more details!!! I love your sentence “I hope you all can b whatever u want to be”. Beautiful reflection! Big hugggggggggg

    2. admin Autor de l'article

      Hello Iker!!! This video has already become a “classic”, a “Must” in our school! We have lots of fun!! How’s it going over there, in Canada? Is it very cold? I loved your reflection about being whatever we want to be. Tell us more about your experience in Canada. Big hugs!!! Christian.

    3. Christian

      Thanks for your comment, Iker!! This video has become a classic, a must! How’s it going in Canadà? Is it very cold? R u having a good time over there? What about highschool? We love hearing/reading from u. I love your reflexions about being whatever or/and whoever we want to be… big hugs from your teacher of English, who is soooo proud of you!!! Please keep writing us! Best wishes!!!

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