English Space: Good Food & Clothing

During the second term 1st graders have been learning new vocabulary and simple communicative structures about two new topics: GOOD FOOD and CLOTHING.

About the first topic: GOOD FOOD, pupils have understood that all of us need to eat healthy and have a varied diet with: cereals, vegetables, fruit, milk and milk products, meat, fish, eggs and now and then, oils and sweets.

We have practised different oral structures to talk about food:

– Do you like…..? Yes I do/ No I don´t
– My favourite food is…

In fact, they are becoming in little experts about this theme!

We can practise at home with these funny songs that we have learned during the term:

During the last weeks we are introducing new vocabulary and oral structures about CLOTHING:

– Today I´m wearing…(t- shirt, pants, trainers, boots, shirt, dress, socks…)

They are improving their skills, practising with their mates in a collaborative way.
We are introducing new vocabulary with these funny videos and songs: practise together at home!

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