First mobility to Leeds

During the week of 21st-25th October 2019 , two of our representatives visited Leeds in the first mobility of the Erasmus + project “Progression from school to adulthood in SEN”.

It was an intense four-day tour to introduce us to the national context of educational care for people with SEN.

On the one hand, we were discovering legislative and regulatory aspects, as well as the keys to the territorial organization and socio-economic environment of Leeds.

Secondly, we approached the operation of special education schools and the services and entities with which they collaborate to carry out working experiences.

We were also able to observe a wide variety of experiences that try to provide educational responses through person-centered care.

Finally, we are grateful for the support and assistance we received from all the people involved in this great project, leaving at all times in evidence the strength of the construction of socio-educational networks between two realities, that of Leeds and ours.

Below you can see a presentation with all the details of this mobility.

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