Auxiliar de Conversa

Des de fa uns quants anys la nostra escola participa d’un projecte al que anomenem Auxiliar de conversa. Aquest projecte consisteix en rebre i allotjar un noi o noia de parla anglesa (de nacionalitats diverses) que durant el curs escolar viu a casa d’algun membre de la comunitat educativa i durant la setmana escolar treballa a l’escola en estreta col·laboració amb els diversos professors i mestres d’anglès. La seva tasca primordial és estimular la conversa en aquesta llengua estrangera dels nostres alumnes, des de P3 fins a 4t d’ESO.

L’experiència és molt ben valorada per part de tots –alumnes, professors, famílies- i el propi jove. Esperem poder seguir gaudint-ne durant molts cursos més.

I am 28 years old. I am from Seattle, Washington USA. I have an older sister and an older brother. Friends and family are very important to me. I have really close relationships with everyone in my family. My sister lives in Seattle, my brother lives in Denver and my parents live in Los Angeles. I went to college at University of Oregon, where I studied Speech Pathology. The University of Oregon is really famous for their American football team and track team. GOOOO DUCKS!

In my free time I like to  travel, cook, read, go to concerts/festivals, hike, camp, snowboard, play tennis, soccer, and I am just learning how to rock climb.

I love Spanish gastronomy as well. Some of my favorite Spanish foods are Jamon Iberico, arroz negro con alioli, lechazo asado, carilleras ibericas al vino tinto, caldo gaellgo and salmorejo.

I am currently working at Assis in the mornings and doing a Masters at the CETT, University of Barcelona in the evenings. I am studying a Masters in Innovational Tourism Management focusing on Gastronomic and Culinary Heritage, hoping to one day work in the world of gastronomy.

I have been an English teacher in Spain for over 5 years and I really enjoy teaching English. My favorite part of the job is getting to know my students and helping them become comfortable when speaking English.

My dreams are to travel to South America one day for a long period of time, to have a dog and to get certified to scuba dive then go scuba diving somewhere spectacular.

My favorite city in Spain is Sevilla. It is where I studied abroad when I was in college and I have really fond memories from my time there, not to mention it is gorgeous and they have some of the best food in the world!

I also studied in Querétaro, Mexico for a summer and fell in love with that city too!