Botanical Garden


This term we are working on our botanical garden project. The sixth graders have to design their own botanical garden and present it to the other students.

In order to present the botanical garden, they have to do a writing explaining it. The writing must have between 180-200 words. In the presentation you must use the writing as a guide, but you shouldn’t read from the paper during the exposition.

The day of the presentation, you have to hand in: the mockup, the writing and the sketch.

Here is an example of the writing as well as some pictures.

Click on the link.

Aquest trimestre estem treballant el projecte interdisciplinari del jardí botànic. Per aquest motiu, els nostres estudiants de sisè han de dissenyar el seu propi jardí botànic i presentar-lo en anglès davant de la resta de companys i companyes.

Per fer aquest exposició han de fer un writing d’entre 180 i 200 paraules. L’exposició s’ha de basar en el writing però no hauríeu de llegir del paper durant la presentació.

El dia de la presentació teniu que entregar: la maqueta, el writing i l’esborrany.

Us deixo un exemple del writing que podeu utilitzar i algunes fotos:

Click aquí per les fotos. 

Miss D’s Botanical Garden

This is our botanical garden. Our botanical garden has got a D shape because my name starts with the letter D. There is a big balcony in the bottom of the botanical garden. In the bottom of the botanical garden, there are bushes and sunflowers. People can go to the balcony and see them.

In the middle of the botanical garden, there is a lake and there are some water lilies. People can sit next to the lake and eat their breakfast on a bench. Around the lake, there is a path. People can use the path to walk and see the botanical garden.

In the top of the garden, there are some orchids and lotus flowers.


  • People must leave their bags in the lockers on the right of the botanical garden and next to the doors.
  • People mustn’t leave papers on the floor.
  • People mustn’t walk out of the path.
  • People mustn’t touch or harm the flowers.
  • People must take pictures.

The botanical garden will open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. We will sleep on Sunday.


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