Bedroom vocabulary

Yesterday, they were working with the English dictionaries.  It’s a different way to learn new vocabulary.  At the same time, they reinforce their skills using the dictionaries.
During this unit, we are going to work “the parts of the house” vocabulary and different objects  we can… Llegeix més»

The animal song

We’re going to start a new year, that’s why it’s time to learn a new song.
This is a song from a band named “Savage Garden”.  They are from Australia and they we’re together since 1993 to 2001.
They achieved international success with several number one singles.  One… Llegeix més»

All I want for Christmas… is you!

It’s Christmas time and, obviously, we are going to learn a Christmas song.
Song:  All I want for Christmas is you.
Singer: Mariah Carey.
Album: Merry Christmas
This song is a single of a special Christmas album from Mariah Carey.  The album features cover versions of popular Christmas… Llegeix més»