Cutting workshop

Students from 2nd Grade are doing a cutting workshop.
They try different tracing ways: curves, lines, zig-zag, etc…
Els alumnes de 2n estan fent tallers de retallar.
Proven en diferents maneres de retallar: lineas rectes, curves, zig-zag, etc…

Mixing colours

Students from the 3rd Cycle are practicing with the primary colors and making mixtures with them.
They notice that mixing two primary colours, you get a secondary colour.
After that, they explain to their classmates what they have done.
Children from 3rd grade colour a very big sun… Llegeix més»


Children from the first grade are fullfilling and decorating an hedgehog with leaves.
They colour it, varnish it and stick the leaves that had been previously cut.
A really nice hedgehogs.
Els nens i nenes de 1r estan omplint i decorant un porc espí amb fulles seques.
El pinten,… Llegeix més»

Our Folders

Children from the first grade are decorating their folders where they will keep all their arts and crafts productions.
Els nens i nenes de 1r estan decorant les seves carpetes on guardaran totes les produccions d’arts and crafts.