Us desitgem un molt bon curs!



Survey III

Hello everyone!There’s a new questions on the English Notice Board or on the Blog. Please, don’t be shy and participate!The questions is: There are four seasons in one year, when is your birthday?

Halloween Survey Results

Hello everyone!We’ve got the results for the Halloween Survey.The questions was: 
Image you are going to a Halloween Party, what fancy costume do you want to wear?
The results are:Monster – 1Ghost – 5Spider – 0Wizard /Witch – 9Vampire – 25Bat – 5Black cat – 12Mummy –… Llegeix més»


Hello everyone!Last week we had the visit of Harriet and Claire, two teachers from Birmingham, England. They brought us some presents to celebrate Halloween and some works from the children at White House Primary School. We practiced lot of English and enjoyed with them. Thank you!