Animal’s Presentations II

Hello Year 5!Here you have some pictures about last day presentations. This time, we learnt about some animals that live in the African Savannah, the Amazon and the Mediterranean sea.You all did great! Good work!

Fish & Chips Casting

Hello everyone!On April 23rd some Year 6 students did a casting for a television show, “Fish & Chips” on TV3. We are very happy to inform you that Miquel Rojo, Carla Patiño and Mario Peña will… Llegeix més»

Cloenda del Joc Perdut

Ahir, dijous 15 de maig, els óssos i les ósses, van participar en la cloenda del Joc Perdut, junt amb altres escoles de Nou Barris.

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Animals Presentations I

Hello Year 5!Last day we had the first presentations about animals around the world.Here you have the PowerPoints that two groups presented.You all did a great job!