Happy Halloween

Hello Year 1 and Year 2!!
Here you have a funny video about some geometrical shapes we can find in different characters of Halloween!!!

The Digestive System

Hello Year 5!
We are learning a lot about health and food. We know that is very important to have a healthy life, that is, to have a balanced and varied diet, to practice sport and to sleep from 8 to 10 hours. This week you… Llegeix més»

Delta del Llobregat

 Sortida del cicle superior al Delta del Llobregat
Vam arribar al Delta del Llobregat,  ens vam  presentar tots els nens/as i les guies també: es deien Estrella i Sara.
Passaven molts avions. Vam fer un recorregut molt llarg: ens van explicar tota la vegetació que hi havia… Llegeix més»