CURS 2012/2013

Benvinguts/des al blog d’Educació Infantil de l’Escola Els Pins. Comencem un nou curs amb moltes ganes i plens d’il·lusions. Visiteu el blog per veure les nostres notícies, activiats i fotografies. Abraçades per a tothom i fins ben aviat!!!!!

The Primary Colors

Hello Year 3!!

We are discovering what are the Primary Colors and how to get the Secondary Colors. We are experimenting with different colors and having lots of fun in Arts & Crafts!

Enjoy this funny video!!

After School English

Hello everyone!This year, after school english (anglès extraescolar) will also upload pictures, videos, songs that you will be doing. Click on the page “After school English”.

Welcome back to school!

Hello everyone!Welcome back to school!The school year has just started and we are really looking forward to learning, enjoying and having fun!We have a new English Teacher, Nati and she is very happy to meet you… Llegeix més»