Body Song

Hello P4!!!Children at Eucaliptus can sing a song with the parts of the body and do some actions… have a look at the videos. 

The Enormous Carrot

Hello Year 1!Children at Les Oliveres acted out the story “The enormous carrot”… and we have had a lot of fun!!!Everybody has participated: some as actors in front of the camera others as narrators.Hope you enjoy the videos!!!

Nou projecte!

Els nens i nenes de 2n hem començat un nou projecte: L’EDAT MITJANA.El dia que vam anar al MNAC vam aprofitar per veure art romànic que es va desenvolupar a l’Edat Mitjana a Catalunya.

Dijous Gras

El dijous passat va ser DIJOUS GRAS i els nens i nenes de cicle Inicial vam anar a menjar l’entrepà de truita que ens havia preparat la mare a les escales del Palau de les Heures.Després vam estar jugant una bona estona i ens ho… Llegeix més»

Lunch with Aliens

Hello Year 3!Let’s listen to the story “Lunch with aliens“.

You can also play this vocabulary game about food. Write the words in the correct order.

Year 5: Great Tourist Guides!

We had so much fun in class taking part in a roleplay where some tourists were lost in Barcelona and our great tourist guides gave them the right directions to get to different places. Well done!
Let’s all share the laughter looking at the pictures and… Llegeix més»