Winter decoration!

Hello again!

As you know, it’s winter time. In order to be involved in the current season we decided to decorate our school with winter themes. All the pupils, from 1rst to 6th grade, made awesome artistic productions such as snowflakes, winter houses, snowmen puppets…

Let’s make a double check on what they created.

Our pupils from 1st grade made wonderful winter trees, with snow decoration included.

The boys and girls from 2nd grade, made a snow scene, with a snowboarder and skier. They simulated the slope of snow with cotton.

Our artists of 3rd grade created funny snowmen puppets! They made it with a single ice cream stick and some cardboard pieces.

The production of the pupils of 4th grade looks so cute; it’s just a snowed tree scene using soft colors. The result inspires peacefulness.

The pupils of 5th grade made “simple” snowflakes with paper, but behind a blue base the result becomes stunning.

Finally, the seniors of the community (with affection, of course) did nothing less than winter houses, with the purpose to give us a lovely perception of a well decorated house in winter. The result is simple and goodly.

To sum up, we are really proud of their wonderful creations, and the whole process. We hope you like it, we feel really excited to continue dealing with cute and fun projects. Until next time dear art critics!

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