We made our own Monster!

The boys and girls from the superior cycle did their own Monster. It was really funny. How we made it? It’s really simple. We just share a paper with the “body” of the Monster, completely empty. Then we had a magic dice with some instructions.

Depending on the number of the dice we add one or another thing to the Monster. If we roll the number 1 we add one eye, with number 2 we add one mouth, with number 3 we add spiky hair, with number 4 we add a horn, with number 5 legs and finally with the number 6 we add one arm.

The numbers of eyes, mouths, arms, legs, horns… are completely random, it depends on the dice. It sounds great right? Here you have one amazing result.

cs-5a cs-5b cs-6e cs-6e-2

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