GEP 4th Let’s learn about animals! Session 1

Last Monday 14th January pupils from 4th grade have started our GEP project called: Let’s learn about animals!

In this first session they:

  • Play with a dictogloss from the Fairy Tale “What’s that noise?”: They listen carefully the story and in groups of three they must order the pictures from the fairy tale. With this activity they learn a lot of animals’ names!!!
  • Understand the contents and the objectives of the lesson with a PowerPoint.
  • Make a puzzle and learn about “where do animals live?”: They have got a piece from a jigsaw. After that, then they need to find the rest peaces and stick it on the blackboard to see the three habitats: terrestrials, aerials and aquatics. Finally, they do a worksheet with a short reading of this content.
  • Glossary about the vocabulary of the lesson: And they have another one in theirs folders to learn, learn and learn!

We enjoy a lot during this session! Families, you can see the pictures below.

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