GEP 3r: All about plants! Final session

In this last session we worked cooperatively. We created a big poster in groups in order to explain all we have learned during this unit!

First, pupils were distributed in groups of 5. Inside every colour group, each pupil was given a number from 1 to 5 and they were the experts on:

Number 1: parts of the plant.

Number 2: photosynthesis.

Number 3: reproduction.

Number 4: the plant life cycle.

Number 5: flowering and non-flowering plants & wild and cultivated plants.

Then, each group of colour received some words worked in the unit inside a box, and each pupil was the responsible for searching the words related to his or her topic.

Once they found the words related to the topic given, they had to share and compare the results with the  experts of the other groups. They also searched some pictures to illustrate the words!

Finally, the experts returned to their colour group to share the information and all together created a  mind map.

It was a hard job, but we did it very well!!

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