5th grade students have been studying the description and they have worked in groups to create a monster. These are their creations:


It is a monster created by: Noa, Aleix, Jan, Susana, Joan & Fatima.

It has got the dinosaur’s head. His head has got a big mouth, big teeth, small red eyes & three red horns.

It has the tortoise’s body. His body is like the color of  the skin and it’s hard.

It has the octopuse’s arms. His arms are long & purple, & it is full of tentacles.

It has the fish’s tail. His tail is colorful, long & sticky.

& finally, it has a super power. It can throw fire under the sea.


It is a monster created by Nadia, Emma, Irene, Ariadna, Khadir and Mar.

It has the pig’s head. His head has got a colorful unicorn horn, a lion mane, two elephant ears, two eyes, and a pig’s nose.

It has the flamingo’s body. His body is full of pink feathers and it is hairy.

It has the crab’s arms. His arms are pointy and reddish.

It has the elephant’s legs. His legs are big and strong.

And finally it has a super power: It can fly with his ears.


It is a monster created by Ylia, Lara, Victor, Ider, Ayman and Eloy.

It has the horse’s head. His head has one green eye, red ears and a big mouth with many teeth. It has the giraffe’s neck. The neck is very long and yellow with brown spots.

It has the penguin’s body. It is fat and hairy because it has a lot of hair.

It has the lizard’s arms.  His arms are very small and green.

It has the wings and the tail of a dragon. They are big and colorful.

It has the jelly fish legs with lot of tentacles.

Finally it has super power: it throws rainbow by the mouth.


It is a monster created by Virginia, Marc. A, Nora, Lucia and Ian.

It has the wolf’s head. His head has got big grey ears, small mouth and long, pink nose.

It has the owl’s body. It is soft because it is full of red and brown feathers. It is fat too. It has skewers in his neck.

It hasn’t got arms, but it has two big wings. One blue and the other green.

It has the ant’s legs. His legs are small and black. It can run so fast.

And finally, it has a super power: it can see in the dark.


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