Day and night at the museum

Last Thursday, 31st of January, we enjoyed the theater play; “Day and night at the museum”.
We spent a nice time watching a story about a museum.
The museum didn’t receive visitors and the cleaner and the museum guide were looking for ideas to save de museum.
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English theatre play

Theatre play: Under, over and around
Thursday, 31st of January 2019
The characters are the Big Bad Wolf Bruce, Rita Rabbit, Aunt Alexandra, Grandma Sheila and Cousin Valentina.
The Big Bad Wolf goes by yellow bus, blue train and green boat.
It is a very funny story!

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On Thursday 31st January 2019, we watched  a theatre play called “THE PARTY PLANNER”.
Paula is looking for somenoe whose birhtdai is today.
She visits the shops in Mapleton and finds Margery the Mayor. They plan a surprise birthday party for the Mayor.

30 de Gener dia de la Pau a 6è

En motiu del dia de la Pau a 6è hem realitzat diferents activitats relacionades en els valors del pacifisme i la no violència. Això ho hem fet treballant les emocions amb poesies, cançons. reflexions, manualitats i obres plàstiques entorn d’aquesta temàtica.
Seguidament podeu veure’n una mostra… Llegeix més»