Halloween is coming… and these days we have done different activities to celebrate it.

Second level pupils have designed their own pumpkin lanterns. It has been a great experience because we have drawn our ideas and then we have been able to see how they look like in AR (Augmented Reality). If you want to try it, the app that we have used is Quiver Vision. It’s just amazing!!!

Click here to see all the pictures!

Regarding to the 2nd and 3rd cycle, we have done an online Halloween escape room. We have solved all the challenges and, at the end, we have had a surprise…dance “This is Halloween” by Just Dance.  If you want to try the escape rooms, here you have the links:

Easy escape room

Difficult escape room

And if you click here you can watch a video of the activity.

So, as you can see we have had lots of fun learning vocabulary related to Halloween.