One day in my life

Yesterday afternoon, I  phoned Miki. We talked a lot and then he came walking to my house. Then we played videogames and after we started dinner.

My favourite film last year

My favourite film last year was War Horse. The horse was the main character. It was brave and strong. It wanted to sow the fields. I liked this film because it was sad.O. Vyear 6A

Fruit milkshake

You need:
A banana , a mango ,a  pineapple and a papaia.
A blender.

1. Peel the  fruits.
2. Cut up the fruits.
3. Put the fruits into the blender.
4. Pour in the milk.
5. Mix the fruit and the milk.
6. Pour into the glass.
7. Drink your fruit milkshake.

Llegeix més»

Fruit smoothie – Year 5A

You need:
5 strawberries
8 Cherries
a banana
A blender

1. Wash the strawberries and the cherries.
2. Peel the banana.
3. Cut up the strawberries and the banana.
4. Put the fruit into the blender.
5. Pour in the milk.
6. Mix the fruit and the milk.
7. Pour it into a glass.
8. Drink your… Llegeix més»