A very special helper!
Her name is Leyton and she comes to our school in the afternoon to help us practice our English.
She is from America and she is staying with one of our families. 

Welcome to our school Leyton! 

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New song P5
Here is the song we are learning at P5. You can sing it with them! Magic Star
 Magic Star, magic star!
 Tap, tap, tap! La, la la.
 Magic Star, oh, magic Star!
 Brig us sweets! La, la… Llegeix més»

New song  P4
Here is the song we are learning at P4. You can sing it with them!

 Up,up, up! Up, up, up
 in the flying balloon!
 Fly, fly, fly!
 See all the colours
 Up, up, high.

 Red, orange and yellow,
 green, purple and… Llegeix més»

Cicle Mitja new Arts and Crafts  
Inspired By Gaudi
Croup 1 finished the new  Arts and Crafts Workshop in English.After looking at some houses designed by Gaudi they produced this fantastic work.Please have a look.
Inspired by Gaudi
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Fruit milkshake

You need:
A banana , a mango ,a  pineapple and a papaia.
A blender.

1. Peel the  fruits.
2. Cut up the fruits.
3. Put the fruits into the blender.
4. Pour in the milk.
5. Mix the fruit and the milk.
6. Pour into the glass.
7. Drink your fruit milkshake.

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