English Skills

In 6th grade, our students have the opportunity to learn the four main English skills in reduced groups.

Students have an English Skills session for an hour and a half,  every two weeks. Besides, it is a reduced group of learners (between 11-13) which is great to practice English, specially for speaking and writing.

The 4 Language Skills

When we learn a language, there are four skills that we need for complete communication. When we learn our native language, we usually learn to listen first, then to speak, then to read, and finally to write. These are called the four “language skills”:

  1. Listening
  2. Speaking
  3. Reading
  4. Writing

The 4 language skills

The four language skills are related to each other in two ways:

  • the direction of communication (in or out)
  • the method of communication (spoken or written)

Note that these four language skills are sometimes called the “macro-skills”. This is in contrast to the “micro-skills”, which are things like grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

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