Hello families!

Esperem que hagueu gaudit de les activitats que us vam proposar per l’English Day d’enguany. Us volem agrair la vostra participació de tot cor. A continuació, trobareu un vídeo amb imatges dels alumnes cantant i ballant la cançó de l’English Day d’aquest any (Yellow Submarine dels Beatles). Ho heu fet tots i totes molt bé!

Cliqueu al següent enllaç per veure el vídeo:


Thank you very much for your participation!

The English teachers

An e-book to read for these days! (3rd and 4th grade)

Dear students of 3rd and 4th grade,

Anna and Ruth have thought that in order to keep practicing English we all could read a book online! You can read it in your free time and take all the time that you need to understand the story.

The books you will read are called:

  • 3rd grade: Where on earth are we?
  • 4th grade: In the big city

In order to read it you have to follow the these steps:

  1. Register at Blink (https://blinklearning.com/home). Complete it with your personal details and introduce the class code. / Registra’t a Blink (https://blinklearning.com/home). Completa-ho amb les teves dades personals i introdueix el codi de la teva classe.
    3rA: CL53173772
    3rB: CL49199735

    4tA: CL71171248
    4tB: CL81723898
    4tC: CL75382187

  2. Once your teacher has accepted you, click the book that will apear on the screen. / Un cop la teva mestra t’hagi acceptat, clica el llibre que apareixerà a la pantalla.
  3. Then you can start reading the book! / Després ja pots començar a llegir!

We hope you enjoy it!

English at home!

Hello families!

We want to share with you the following website where you can find games, songs, crafts, stories, tales and chants about topics we are learning in class:


Once inside the Online learning zone, click All about us (it is our English book). Then, choose your son/daughter’s level (course) and enjoy doing together the different activities you can find in it.

We hope you have a nice time learning English!

The English teachers.