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Now we travel to Canada.

Let’s learn more about its culture.

Canada is the second-largest country in the world, after Russia. It is located in North America and it consists of 10 provinces and 3 territories.

The head of the state is Queen Elizabeth II.

Canada has got two official languages. They are English and French so that citizens have the right to speak either English or French in court and other public institutions. Other languages are spoken there, for example: Italian, Chinese, German, Polish…

Canada’s national symbol is the maple leave and the symbol can be seen on the Canadian flag. There are other national symbols, mainly animals that typically live in Canada. They are the beaver and the Canada Goose.

Canada’s official sports are ice hockey and lacrosse. Other popular spectacle sports include curling and Canadian football.

The currency that is used in Canada is the Canadian dollar.

Canada’s capital city is Ottawa, but the largest city is Toronto.


Can you complete this crossword?


New Zealand is a country in the south-west of the Pacific Ocean, it consists of 2 large islands:

  • North Island (with the capital – Wellington)
  • South Island.

The islands have much unusual wildlife not found anywhere else in the world, including flightless birds such as the endangered kiwi. The islands were first inhabited by the Maori people, who came from Polynesia around 1000 AD.


Some interesting facts about New Zealand are:


Kiwis are birds native to New Zealand. They can’t fly. Kiwis have become a symbol and nickname for New Zealanders all over the world. They are about the size of a chicken.



Poi is the Maori word for ball on a string. Maori women manipulate pois in a special dance.



Important Maori men always had distinctive facial tattoos. Their designs are very intricate and difficult to draw.

Women sometimes had tattoos around their mouths and chins, too.


New Zealand rugby team, the All Blacks, is famous for the Haka – a traditional Maori war dance – that is performed to intimidate the other team before the start of a rugby match!

You can see them in this video.


Now, say if these sentences are TRUE or FALSE. Correct the false sentences:

  1. The capital city of New Zealand is Maori.
  2. Kiwis can fly.
  3. Women have tattoos on their faces.
  4. “All Blacks” is a rugby team.