Halloween Survey

Hello everyone!Halloween is celebrated the 31st of October. We have the new survey on the English Notice Board and on the right-side of the blog. The question is:Imagine you are invited to a Halloween Party, what fancy costume… Llegeix més»

Survey Results I

Hello everyone!We have got the results for the first survey on the English Notice Board.

The questions was:
Where have you been during your summer holidays?
47 children participated. The results are:

a) In Catalunya – 19 childrenb) In Spain… Llegeix més»

Monkeys in the river

Hello Year 3!Let’s sing and practice the “Monkeys in the river” song. Write a comment and answer these questions: 
What animal is hungry?
Where are the parrots? And the zebras?
Click here to listen to the song: Monkeys in the river


Hello Year 5&6!
Have you ever heard this song? It’s about friends and friendship… “I’ll be there for you” means I always want to be with you (happy and sad times).