I’m special

Hello Year 2!Do you like the sea? Yes, you do!!! And you love singing too!!!Here you can see the video of the song “I’m special” that we did the other day in class.

Enjoy it!!!

Santa Claus is coming to town

Hello Year 5!Santa Claus is coming to town because… only 15 sleeps to Christmas!!!Let’s get into the Christmas spirit singing “Santa Claus is coming to town” We’ve enjoyed today in class watching the video of this Christmas carol and singing it all together…

Spread a little joy… Llegeix més»

Teddy Bear

Hello children in P4!On Wednesday we practised the Nursery Rhyme “Teddy Bear” all together and we had a lot of fun!!!Have a look at the video and enjoy it!!!

And here you have the text for the Nursery Rhyme so mum and dad can learn it… Llegeix més»