Portes obertes per venir a conèixer l’escola

Dilluns, 26 de febrer

Dimarts, 6 de març

Dilluns, 12 de març

De 3 a 4.30h de la tarda. Cal que truqueu a l’escola per apuntar-vos a un dels tres dies.

La preinscripció serà del 13 al 24 d’abril

Fifi the Dog

Hello Year 4!Let’s watch the videos about the story we acted it out: Bathtime for Fifi.You all did very good: worked in small groups, decided the characters, memorized the story and performed it! Well done!

Merry Christmas!!!

Hello Year 5!!!Last Tuesday we talked about Christmas and we learnt about English traditions. You also wrote brilliant acrostic poems about that special time of the year, and this is just one example…

If you want more watch the video!!!

Christmas games & activities

Hello everyone!Keep up your English during Christmas holidays!Let’s play games, listen to stories and songs, and do lots of other activities related to Christmas!Click on the image.The password is: cracker

New stars are born!!

Hello Year 6!

Since the beginning of November children at year 6 had written, rehearse and recorded four fantastic short movies in our conversation classes. They had worked really hard, sometimes doing extra school hours and the result is amazing!! I hope you´ll enjoy them!!
PS:… Llegeix més»