Lemon Tree

Hello Year 5!After an exam… what’s better than listening to a good song? Today in class we have listened to the song “Lemon Tree” by the German band Fool’s Garden. It’s a song from 1995. Here’s the video… hope you like it!!!

Year 6: TV Commercials!

Two groups recorded their wonderful TV Commercials before Easter. We had so much fun! The rest of the groups will record after Easter, hope you have all your scripts, material and settings ready so that we can share the laughter while we learn English together!Look!… Llegeix més»

Projecte dels planetes

A la nostra classe, la classe de les oliveres, estem treballant el projecte dels planetes. És ben difícil  d’entrendre  alguns conceptes com pot ser les dimensions del univers i les seves proporcions. Per això hem buscat objectes coneguts per a nosaltres (pomes, boletes… Llegeix més»

Space Food

Hello Year 3!
Last week you all became aliens. Thanks to Mar, your Arts & Crafts teacher, you created great alien masks. You all did very good: studied the lyrics and sing it!
Let’s watch the video! 

Rolling in the Deep

Hello Year 5!!!
We had so much fun in class singing “Rolling in the deep”, one of the hits from the famous British singer Adele. Here’s the video of the song but in a slightly different version… the Vazquez Sounds. They are two brothers and a sister… Llegeix més»

Saint Patrick’s Day

Hello everyone!Today, 17th of March, is Saint Patrick’s Day, the Patron Saint of Ireland.Don’t forget to wear something green, because it brings good luck!Let’s listen to a famous song from Dublin (capital city of Republic of… Llegeix més»