Portes obertes per venir a conèixer l’escola

Dilluns, 26 de febrer

Dimarts, 6 de març

Dilluns, 12 de març

De 3 a 4.30h de la tarda. Cal que truqueu a l’escola per apuntar-vos a un dels tres dies.


Teddy Bear

Hello children in P4!On Wednesday we practised the Nursery Rhyme “Teddy Bear” all together and we had a lot of fun!!!Have a look at the video and enjoy it!!!

And here you have the text for the Nursery Rhyme so mum and dad can learn it… Llegeix més»

Cooking Time

Hello Year 5!

Today we have prepared some chocolate chip cookies and some pancakes… they were delicious!!!

Enjoy the video!!!

Teddy Bears

Hello P4!All the children in P4 have got teddy bears.On Tuesday they brought them to class. We looked and classified them.

There are yellow teddies,

brown teddies 
Llegeix més»

Let’s play!!!

Hello Year 2!It’s time to practice the parts of the face. Let’s play a game! You have to match the words with the pictures. Click here to start.You can also listen and find the words. Click here to start. How many points can you get?